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I have the same digital scale. I never used one before, but don't know how I lived without it before. I received some canning supplies for Christmas but am yet to try it out. Maybe if the tomatoes ever appear at the farmer's market, I'll can those.

WOW! you have conquered the impossible for me...making jam & marmalade. It looks delicious. I should try

I am about to try canned pickled beets within the next few days. I think that I would rather do strawberry jam, but alas, I have beets! -Cari

strawberries are way more fun than beets! But good for you! You are a better woman for it!
And, yes, I love my scale and wonder how I lived without it too! It demystifies so much in cooking!

So do tell, which one is your favorite? If you could possibly decide on just one....

good question! I think that between the vanilla strawberry jam or the strawberry lemon marmalade, I would say the vanilla strawberry jam had the deeper, more complex flavor. But the strawberry lemon marmalade was just soooo summer. I won't lie, though, the strawberry lemonade concentrate is, hands down, the favorite in this house! We rarely make it so to have some canned & ready to go is a real treat!

I'm drooling.

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