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How funny I just made some detergent on Saturday. I love it! I love that it's cheap and works great. Cute craft, I think I'll try that with my kiddo.

isn't it fabulous? It's amazing how well it cleans for how cheap it is. You would expect the opposite to be true. We made it a while ago and then took a break b/c of a mysterious the husband had but we're back to this detergent. I felt so cheated everyday I had to buy detergent!

Love homemade detergent! We've been making ours for about 4 years and don't think I could ever look back! I keep some essential oils in the laundry cabinet and add a few drops to a damp washcloth before putting in the dryer (homemade dryer sheet ;) when I want some scent, but rarely add scent to the detergent....my husband complained of smelling like an old lady.... LOL!

such a clever idea! I bet you get a stronger scent that way too (when you want it). Love the idea and love that you've been doing it for four years already!

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