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That's true about the strawberry syrup thing in Italy. It's also the only way I get my husband to actually eat strawberries!

What's this line about someday becoming nothing? I didn't get my doctorate in children's poetry, so that line confuses me a little bit... :)

Explanation: "becoming nothing" means to become "not-a-thing" ...I should know...I have a doctorate...well, not exactly in Poetry but in something ...similar.
A 7 year old girl knows all about becoming "not-a-thing" :-), now the question is DO WE?
The Pixie is exceptional and I ADORE her poetry...I am her fun #1, just tell her that

you know...I think she was feeling stressed about actually choosing something so she went with the no-pressure option of not specifying something in particular. I don't think she meant "nothing" exactly. I think Mami has the right idea, just maybe not so metaphysical!

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